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yoga teacher

Are you listening?……….

What makes you get up and get to a (fill in the blank) class? For me, it’s the un-responsible movement and flow of someone else’s guidance. The not having to think about anything other than what that person is trying to create through my body = pure bliss. But this…

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I was sent a really lovely “AAHAAA” talk by Caroline Myss (find it here on our choices affecting our mental and physical health. At the end of her talk, Caroline asks the crowd to choose a word that they are going to cut out of their vocabulary and give…

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Glastonbury – when most people hear the word Glastonbury, the first thing they think of is the music festival (which, incidentally, isn’t actually held in Glastonbury but close by). But there are others of us that when we hear the word Glastonbury – we think of myth, magic, healing springs... Read More

Change – Can you? Do You?

I’m writing this in a cloud of change I have created since my return from a 1 month intensive in Miami training in MMA (mixed movement arts which include yoga, martial arts, calisthenics, mobility/animal locomotion). Change that was completely my choice, that gets me totally excited with its endless possibilities…

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You Are Soo Worth It

Hi Yogi Friends I am so thrilled to announce my next Yoga Day? Wow, I am now on to my third Event, how did that happen? “From An Acorn A Tree Grows” and it certainly has. A small acorn of a thought into a tree of an idea and that’s…

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