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yoga journey

Yoga and Travelling

Top tips for continuing your Yoga practice while away from home Finding time to squeeze yoga practice into our busy lives can be a real challenge. As a mum of two, working part-time as a Yoga teacher and airline Cabin Crew I understand this challenge and wanted to share my…

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Practice and all is coming

Practice and all is coming……..Eventually! Six years ago I stumbled across Yoga. A beginners class literally on my doorstep. I love the power of the universe, when it delivers. I make no secret of the fact that during that very first class and subsequent others I thought I was pretty…

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Why I got my #selfloveplanunderway

Why I got my #selfloveplanunderway By Kellie Jones We really don’t know where life is going to lead us sometimes, (although there is some evidence towards us choosing our paths before we get here but that’s a whole other realm of interest!) My original plan was to be a dancer…

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