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new year

New Year. Happy?

New Year. Happy? As somebody who likes to always send buckets full of love, my very bestest best wishes and a good old dose of merry this and happy that like my words have some kind of magical superpower, I have been wondering if our need to always be happy…

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New Year Thoughts

I loved the inbetweeness of Christmas and New Year even more than usual this year. Admittedly I am good with staying in and not needing or wanting anything (turkey, chocolate, pink gin, fresh PJs, clean socks the list goes on… we got it covered!) after the overindulgence of the festive…

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How to make change stick this year

As well as teaching yoga I work as a personal trainer and coach, and all my clients have come back to me after Christmas a little heavier and generally feeling sluggish. They are all now setting their fitness goals for 2017 and it’s my role to help motivate them towards…

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