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On Monday my first born turned eighteen. I am now officially the mother of an adult! A few days previous a friend of my husband was thrown from a horse; when he recounted how her mother had said her life was literally hanging in the balance due to complications I…

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Change – Can you? Do You?

I’m writing this in a cloud of change I have created since my return from a 1 month intensive in Miami training in MMA (mixed movement arts which include yoga, martial arts, calisthenics, mobility/animal locomotion). Change that was completely my choice, that gets me totally excited with its endless possibilities…

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Love Everyone

Yesterday I arrived home from a very much needed week in the sunshine. Yes, it was my first holiday in three years but I say need quite literally as I recently discovered I am vitamin D3 deficient, me and about a billion other people on the planet apparently. Strangely I…

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Cheers to the Angels

This year I am really trying hard to stay jolly in the run-up to the madness that is Christmas! Becki reposted my little rant about not enjoying last year’s festivities and it made me feel ever so slightly scrooge-like. I suppose being woken in the early hours of Christmas morning…

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