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Akal Akal Akal

Thank you to Jacqui for letting us share your recent post on Akal, heartfelt and fascinating. Akal Akal Akal In Sikhism, the word Akal is chanted after a soul leaves the body to help reassure and to encourage the soul and its journey. Akal means immortal, eternal, timeless, infinite…

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Rich with love

Rich with Love Last night I dreamt of my Nan, she was making my dad a bacon sandwich in my old kitchen; she was younger than I ever remember her and more beautiful with a really good blow dry. She was so vibrant and happy. (Dreams are weird) I touched…

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On Monday my first born turned eighteen. I am now officially the mother of an adult! A few days previous a friend of my husband was thrown from a horse; when he recounted how her mother had said her life was literally hanging in the balance due to complications I…

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