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Help! Covid has taken away my motivation for doing the things I love…

My motivation has gone. I’m not talking about just feeling a bit ‘can’t be bothered,’ more like it up and left the premises. I can’t be sure when. It snuck out whilst I wasn’t looking, leaving me like a little shell of the person I used to be. I know…

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I’m not stressed

I’m not stressed My very gorgeous happy go lucky eleven year old has recently uttered those famously most overused words on the planet “I am just a bit stressed!” Firstly I joked that he can’t be stressed he’s a guru. He is full of sunshine and wisdom and hello he’s…

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Let’s get drunk at the guest house

Let’s get drunk at the guest house So we have been locked in our homes for fifty days. I know today is day fifty because I have a corona lockdown diary that counts the days as I fill it with feelings, mostly it declares that my family are either bored…

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