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Born again Buddhist

Born again Buddhist Today I fell back in love with Buddha. I have returned eager to hear what the Buddha has to say. After a two year break from my regular meditation class at the local Buddhist centre due to the dreaded restrictions and the fact that I suffer from…

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What stops us being truly happy, calm, peaceful and free from suffering all of the time? Well, my weekly trip to the Buddhist centre this week reminded me that it’s not an easy task to keep control of the mind. The mind likes to play games. The mind likes to…

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Choosing Happiness

Today I went for my weekly meditation session at my local Buddhist centre. This week’s theme was “choosing to be happy. “ Yes, Buddha says this is an actual thing. Who knew we could just choose? Well me for a start! I have been listening to what Steve says Buddha…

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Love Everyone

Yesterday I arrived home from a very much needed week in the sunshine. Yes, it was my first holiday in three years but I say need quite literally as I recently discovered I am vitamin D3 deficient, me and about a billion other people on the planet apparently. Strangely I…

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