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Temple String Bracelet – Spiritual Grounding

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Temple String Bracelet – Spiritual Grounding. Handcrafted in Indonesia, this bracelet serves as a conduit for spiritual connection and inner harmony. Adorned with sacred silver symbol, it provides wearers with a sense of rootedness and balance in their spiritual journey.

Designed for universal appeal, bracelet is easily adjustable to fit wrists of all sizes, ensuring a comfortable and personalized fit for every customer.

Each Temple String Bracelet – Spiritual Grounding is packed in a blue paper bag with a short description of its intention:
Your black string bracelet symbolizes spiritual grounding, balance and determination. You may need an invisible push, something that will keep you moving forward in life. With the help of “Spiritual Grounding” you can focus and stop negative thoughts from ruining your path to success. With the Endless Knot charm this takes on the symbol of duality and balance. Buddhism teaches that everyone should find a balance between the feminine and masculine qualities in life. This balance awakens the mind and allows one to view situations in a new light, opening you up to creativity and success.

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